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29 January 2012

The treasure trove!!

I've discovered that searching for paleo (aka caveman diet) and primal blueprint (same idea, slightly different) recipes are producing more fruitful results than gluten free.  Since I'm not supposed to have rice or grains, the paleo (which basically avoids anything from the agricultural revolution 10,000 years ago) diet helps out a lot - their breads are made of seeds, rather than grains.

First, an interesting read into how different sweeteners act in our bodies: http://www.health-bent.com/blog/crash-course-on-sugar

Individual recipes


http://www.whatrunslori.com/2011/07/paleo-breakfast-bake/ - This would be REALLY good with spinach added, too!  :)

http://www.scrawnywod.com/2011/01/paleo-breakfast-casserole.html - More substantial... could probably bake this in mini-loaf pans for hubs to take to work with him.

Main Dishes

http://www.health-bent.com/salads/bratwurst-german-potato-salad-paleo-style - Potato salad using turnips instead.  I like!

http://www.health-bent.com/poultry/paleo-chicken-bog - Chicken and rice, but that I can eat!!

Side dishes/munchies

http://www.scrawnywod.com/2011/01/baked-kale-chips.html - For when you get munchies for something crunchy and tangy

http://www.health-bent.com/sides/oven-fried-green-tomatoes - Sounds GREAT with chicken or tuna salad

I WILL be making many of these recipes in the near future.  As I attempt them, I'll let you know what happens and what I think.  Oh, my tummy is already singing a very happy, happy song.

18 January 2012

Quick tip: Yummy grapefruit???

Did you know that grapefruit can be delicious??  I used to avoid grapefruit like the plague - not only did I hear rumors of odd diets consisting solely of grapefruits, but its bitterness was a real turn-off.  Then, a few years ago, I moved to San Antonio, TX.  In this lovely haven I learned all about a wonderful fruit - a Rio Starr grapefruit.  It's a ruby red variety grown in Texas (and I've found all over the US since) that shows up for a couple months from January through March.  And folks, it is delicious.

When I first started eating them, I learned to eat half a grapefruit a day, on which I would sprinkle half a packet or so of Splenda.  That's still a really great way to eat them, but I'm trying to cut out artificial sweeteners from my diet.  Then, a few mornings ago while groggily cutting my grapefruit I discovered a wonderment:  CINNAMON TASTES GOOD ON GRAPEFRUIT!!!

I have a Sweet Saigon Cinnamon that I picked up from Fresh Market, but I'm pretty sure any ground cinnamon would work.  It's funny how it works: the bitterness of the cinnamon and the grapefruit cut each other out,  leaving the brightness and sweetness of each in return.  I'm now using less than 1/4 packet of Stevia, very loosely sprinkled on the grapefruit, and a few shakes of cinnamon (if you get too much, just use your finger to spread it around or turn it over a napkin and shake loose the excess).

For those who have never eaten grapefruit, I hope you give it a try.  I've had more than a few trainers and nutritionists tell me they're great for boosting metabolism, especially at breakfast, which leads to more calories burned throughout the day.  Find a Rio Starr, if you can.  Slice it in half (put the other half in a baggie for tomorrow's breakfast - I leave mine out on the counter because I can't stand cold fruit).  Sprinkle the top with cinnamon and Stevia.  Eat the top layer.  Sprinkle on more cinnamon and Stevia.  Tear the half in halves again, then pick out the wedges.  It's how I roll.

13 January 2012

One Week In

So, after my first full week rededicating my commitment to Weight Watchers, and adding in some time with a Nutritionist, here's how it went:

1)  I had NO cravings for grains and cereals!!!  It was so easy to switch mentalities and think, "I don't need this in my body... can't eat that because it's on the no-no list."  This has NEVER happened to me before!  The last time I tried to go carb-free, I turned into a raving bitch for the first week.  Not only was I not moody, I had plenty of energy and no cravings for forbidden fruits.  I think part of it is helped by what I can eat - fruit, sweet potatoes, beans (including bean thread noodles to help with pasta cravings), tofu (again, shaped like noodles to give me another little pasta fix).  I'm also inspired to see what I can create in healthy ways, like pancakes or cookies made with coconut flour, stevia with extracts for me to put in coffee, and Asian recipes to play with the bean noodles.  I'm excited to be in the kitchen and don't feel deprived.

2)  I lost 2.8 pounds.  Awesome!!  Now let's see what I can lose next week.  This was also without working out, which is my next step.

3)  Taking 20+ pills a day does get old, but I'm so excited about what is changing that it's not too annoying.  I'll see if there's any big changes in the next couple weeks as well.

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04 January 2012


I've been doing Weight Watchers off and on for 5 years.  I successfully lost 35 pounds using it back in 2006-7, but unfortunately gained it all back.  I recommitted myself this past fall and have been trying, although to be honest, I haven't been fully committed to it yet.  However, I'm very frustrated with it right now - I tend to eat pretty well (getting in 3-4 liters of water a day, eating 5-8 servings of fruit and veggies, not eating TOO much junk food, etc).   However, if my scale budges at all it goes the WRONG direction!! ARGH. I told my leader that I'm going to give the program my focus this month and if I haven't lost at least 5 pounds by the end of the month, then I'm quitting WW because it truly isn't working for me. I'm tired of wasting money.

I've also been really run down, lethargic, and out of energy for the last year or so.  My mom has been seeing a holistic nutritionist (a mix of alternative medicine and get to the root of the problems, then fix them with food-based supplements) and has had wonderful increases of energy.  I decided to check it out and hit a local nutritionist today.  It was fascinating; she gave me some interesting whole food supplements and put me on a no grain diet (apparently if someone has female issues, then grain should be one of the first things to go. I have no clue why and didn't really ask). I've done the South Beach Diet before, so I'm comfortable with the idea of short-term no grains; although I'm NOT looking forward to the lack-of-carb headaches that are in my near future. I can still eat fruit and sweet potatoes; but no regular potatoes, rice, cereal grains like wheat or oats, corn, or pasta for at least the next month. >.< On the other hand, this WILL get the scale moving down!!! I'm still tracking what I do eat, so I don't go nuts on protein, beans, lentils, etc. 

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My travel articles have moved to http://thelostcompass.blogspot.com/.  This blog will stay up for my weight loss journey and other random amusing ideas that pop into my head.  Thanks for coming over here and I look forward to seeing you at The Lost Compass!!!