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13 January 2012

One Week In

So, after my first full week rededicating my commitment to Weight Watchers, and adding in some time with a Nutritionist, here's how it went:

1)  I had NO cravings for grains and cereals!!!  It was so easy to switch mentalities and think, "I don't need this in my body... can't eat that because it's on the no-no list."  This has NEVER happened to me before!  The last time I tried to go carb-free, I turned into a raving bitch for the first week.  Not only was I not moody, I had plenty of energy and no cravings for forbidden fruits.  I think part of it is helped by what I can eat - fruit, sweet potatoes, beans (including bean thread noodles to help with pasta cravings), tofu (again, shaped like noodles to give me another little pasta fix).  I'm also inspired to see what I can create in healthy ways, like pancakes or cookies made with coconut flour, stevia with extracts for me to put in coffee, and Asian recipes to play with the bean noodles.  I'm excited to be in the kitchen and don't feel deprived.

2)  I lost 2.8 pounds.  Awesome!!  Now let's see what I can lose next week.  This was also without working out, which is my next step.

3)  Taking 20+ pills a day does get old, but I'm so excited about what is changing that it's not too annoying.  I'll see if there's any big changes in the next couple weeks as well.

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