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18 January 2012

Quick tip: Yummy grapefruit???

Did you know that grapefruit can be delicious??  I used to avoid grapefruit like the plague - not only did I hear rumors of odd diets consisting solely of grapefruits, but its bitterness was a real turn-off.  Then, a few years ago, I moved to San Antonio, TX.  In this lovely haven I learned all about a wonderful fruit - a Rio Starr grapefruit.  It's a ruby red variety grown in Texas (and I've found all over the US since) that shows up for a couple months from January through March.  And folks, it is delicious.

When I first started eating them, I learned to eat half a grapefruit a day, on which I would sprinkle half a packet or so of Splenda.  That's still a really great way to eat them, but I'm trying to cut out artificial sweeteners from my diet.  Then, a few mornings ago while groggily cutting my grapefruit I discovered a wonderment:  CINNAMON TASTES GOOD ON GRAPEFRUIT!!!

I have a Sweet Saigon Cinnamon that I picked up from Fresh Market, but I'm pretty sure any ground cinnamon would work.  It's funny how it works: the bitterness of the cinnamon and the grapefruit cut each other out,  leaving the brightness and sweetness of each in return.  I'm now using less than 1/4 packet of Stevia, very loosely sprinkled on the grapefruit, and a few shakes of cinnamon (if you get too much, just use your finger to spread it around or turn it over a napkin and shake loose the excess).

For those who have never eaten grapefruit, I hope you give it a try.  I've had more than a few trainers and nutritionists tell me they're great for boosting metabolism, especially at breakfast, which leads to more calories burned throughout the day.  Find a Rio Starr, if you can.  Slice it in half (put the other half in a baggie for tomorrow's breakfast - I leave mine out on the counter because I can't stand cold fruit).  Sprinkle the top with cinnamon and Stevia.  Eat the top layer.  Sprinkle on more cinnamon and Stevia.  Tear the half in halves again, then pick out the wedges.  It's how I roll.


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